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Is India still Decolonizing?

The campaigns of significant leaders like Gandhi, using the tools of disobedience and non-violence for a prolonged period, had exasperated the British government and eventually helped India gain independence. Being a developing country, India played an essential role in becoming the primary advocate of neutralist anti-colonialism. After India got its independence in 1947, India experienced significant economic changes. In the next 30 years, the Indian government modified the globally integrated British Indian economy into a closed economy with trade restrictions and capital caps for foreign investments. The newly developed Indian independent State had its focus on industrialization followed by agriculture. The Indian government filled the economic gaps where it lacked investment and tried to make India self-dependent.

Along with its other counterparts in Asia, India moved towards protectionist policies to induce growth in the economy. It was studied that protectionist policies are very effective in the short term. Still, the growth rate was only stable and growing in the middle and long time when the economy was integrated into the international market. The Indian government chose to play the protectionist role for longer than what was required. It caused significant complications to the functioning of the economy, inhibiting innovation and growth in the nation after a point. India decided to use five-year plans as a mechanism to convert the colonial economy into a self-sufficient one. But there were long term effects of the colonial policy that impacted the Indian economy till the 1980s. The effect of regional variation in education in the 1910s was felt even in the 1970s. Due to the British's extensive use of the western ports and area, the country's development in the west part was extensively creating a massive lag in development. However, over the period, India managed to decolonize completely from a British colony and made an identity of its own. However, certain marks of British rule can still be felt even in today's world.

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