The Afghan Crisis: Perspectives and Pain

I still remember the exact moment I read the words Taliban and Kabul on my Google News Feed on the 15th of August, 2021. During a regular post-lecture scrolling session, my heart paused as I read astounded that the Taliban entered and captured the heart of Afghanistan, Kabul - and went on to overthrow the Government.

That moment. That very moment was the definition of pain. On a day when a nation of over a billion people celebrated freedom, independence, and democracy, the cries of millions of Afghani men, women, and children were left unheard and their hopes dashed.


I - The Ruthless Taliban

Everyone knows what happened in Afghanistan over the past few weeks, bringing into the spotlight one of the more significant threats to the vision of a peaceful world - the Taliban.

The Taliban have unleashed hell on the Afghan population, from unrestrained crimes to implementing regressive ideologies and murders to open pedophilia. Their roots go back to 1994 during heavy turmoil in Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan as an organization. This extremist youth-driven Sunni Islam propagandist group rose to power quickly after the soviet-fall back. It held power in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, destroyed the Afghan economy, carried out unpardonable crimes against women and Shia Muslims, and public executions, torture, restrictions from clothing to speech, eventually restricting the quality of life and scarring millions.

They lost power after the US Attacks in 2001 but have now returned with suspected similar, if not worse agendas. After the US withdrawal, they can implement their schemes with a robust militant base, ammunition for decades, and unrestricted access to everything and everyone.


II - The Land of Opportunity - Opportunistic Enough?

The aftermath of 9/11 New York terrorist attacks left the most developed nation, the USA, beyond hungry for revenge. Proof that the Taliban had provided sanctuary for infamous Al-Qaeda Leaders like Osama Bin Laden was enough for the mammoth US Army to launch attacks and ultimately collapse the Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan in less than a span of three months.

The US has since monitored and stayed in Afghanistan, overseeing the Governmental shift and control of terrorist happenings in the region. Although a lot happened, a notable and highly questionable move arguably led to this. The then POTUS, Donald Trump, decided to initiate a deal that would result in the US troops getting withdrawn and the release of thousands of criminals for National Security reasons, for the naïve agreement that the Taliban have not let Afghanistan become a haven for terrorists.

Cut to this month, President Joe Biden had put the nail in the coffin, and the Taliban jumped on the opportunity and never looked back. It took them five days to overhaul the Government, not 90 as suggested by the Government, and this, in my eyes, is going to go down as one of the most disastrous mistakes of this decade. While the Republicans are blamed for Reckless and messy ideas and the Democrats for being too powerless and confused, the truth remains that the USA, as usual, has allowed the world to suffer at its cost.

The idea had Bipartisan support during the Trump Administration, and there were ways to avoid this situation this month before Biden's decision. The truth is, this is not wholly about safety or Terrorism. It is about power and politics.

The US has always had the biggest role to play in this. They allowed the Taliban to take over just because what mattered more was the Soviet Fall back in the late 90s. They came back and stayed but didn't really do too much to develop the nation and now, they leave the Nation in a state of despair, again, for their own needs.

Regardless of what befalls, the US is looking to overpower China and Russia at the end of the day. With China backing Pakistan and Pakistan having everything to do with the Taliban, the USA will get ready to leverage this situation to a powerful position against China from now. The President didn't just mess up; they might have wanted this.


III – Pakistan & China – The Puppet and the Master

The US geopolitical play intervened due to the Taliban’s relation with Pakistan. This nation single-handedly allowed the Founding and Operations of the Taliban. The ISI trained the Taliban to have control over Afghanistan back in 1994. Pakistan trained them, and Afghani Taliban youth were taught, funded, medically treated, and brainwashed for the entirety of the past two decades.

Despite the efforts of India and the USA to use their relationships with Pakistan to help an ailing Afghanistan, they headed in the entirely wrong direction. Weapons from secret sources from Nations like the US (Business over Lives) and Chinese Backing helped them focus so much on these groups that their economy was plunging. The Chinese must be grinning after the humbling of the US and will even look to profit from the Taliban takeover.

It is a slow geopolitical landslide, and the Chinese have successfully converted yet another State into their puppets in a bid to oust their eternal rivals, the US. At the same time, Pakistan remains a puppet that struggles to develop, holds on to hostile ideologies, and supports immorality.


IV – India – At Wits’ End

The nation of India has always been a good kid in a world of bullies. A country driven by a billion values, a cultural haven, although we have our fair share of problems, and an active contributor to the extinction of Terrorism, we have a very tricky role here. As an ally of the US, Israel, and UAE, we have a substantial geopolitical and armed force advantage, but there seems to be no direct effect we can have.

The entire nation has gotten into a frenzy because Pro-Taliban groups are here as well. Still, overall, there seems to be nothing as pressing as the Indian population’s safety in Afghanistan right now. To ensure the same, the Indian Army is doing a splendid and remarkable job, as usual. Considering the tensions with China, India needs to make moves in the global scene aggressively. We need to get closer with the QUAD, ensure enough leverage to position ourselves well in the UN, and retaliate against any severe development with Superpowers like China in such volatile times.


V- Afghanis –In Plight, Powerless and Hurting

The brunt of all of this falls on the Afghani Population today. Women and girls are being taken from their homes, education and human rights are getting crushed, other religions are forced to stop practicing their faith. Worst of all, the conditions are so pathetic that people would instead leave everything and flee the poverty-stricken country rather than stay.

The Afghani Government was lauded until now, but it is also responsible for not developing a solid and overpowering army to defend itself, collapsing within a week. The leaders are all corrupt and spineless, taking bribes from nations like the US and making palaces in the name of democracy filled with hundreds of extremist Taliban members today.

The mass media houses have well covered the horrors of the Afghani Citizens. It is not a joke anymore or a trivial situation. In a world where we are looking forward to colonizing space and selling electric vehicles, there is a stark reality between what billions of other humans face. Terrorism, torture, oppression, and entrapment are, at this point, not just a problem but the direct cause of human nature and neglect.

Today, the Taliban has a clear plan, and as the world looks on, every step of theirs will be tracked and analyzed. It is challenging to cover all the bases in one article, so I urge you not to stop here. Yes, we can do almost nothing at this point, but one day, we will.

Pray for the people of Afghanistan and educate yourselves about Global Issues to create change around you first. It is the faith that you can change the world that will drive you to achieve it one day.

By Ahigith Chowdhary

Founder - The Global Forum Blog

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