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Republishing Articles

We, at Project Ivory Tower believe in awareness and youth engagement through greater reach and impact. In order to facilitate the same, we accept articles already published  on other platforms by following the guidelines of the previous publishers and giving them due credit and intend to allow fellow youth to get their articles republished on other domains.

In order get your article republished on Project Ivory Tower please submit a proof of permission granted by the previous publisher to republish your content​. Please make the submission here.


In order to republish your article on another domain here are a few guidelines you are required to follow:

  • Please make sure you give credit to PROJECT IVORY TOWER towards the end of the articles preferably in the by-lines along with an attached URL to find the article in the organization's website.

  • Charts and graphs should be reused without any manipulation and as it is, in order to prove facts and retain credibility of the article.

  • ​You cannot the frame entire website or our publications and therefore cannot publish all our articles.

  • In case of any edits of the articles, please run it through the author and make a mention of the site which primarily consists of the original article along with our website URL.

  • You will not require a proof of permission or consent from our team as long as the terms and conditions mentioned above have been followed.

  • You can use extracts of the articles, quotes from the articles and author as long as due credit has been rendered.

  • Please fill in the form below if you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned.


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